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Family Transitions, Inc. ID Day Support Services

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The population that we serve are adults 18 years of age and older with intellectual, developmental, behavioral and physical disabilities. We provide support and professional supervision during the day. Individuals will be provided with the opportunity to enhance their level of daily functioning and develop a sense of achievement and self-worth. Our overall goal is to assist individuals in reaching their highest level of independence by providing training of skills that emphasize normalization in the community, while experiencing a better quality of life.

What Makes Us Different?
At Family Transitions, Inc. We are able to provide a truly unique experience among agencies and organizations that provide day support services. Some of the reasons for this belief that sets us apart:

Modern Facilities
The Day Support Center is modern, comfortable and has been designed in an individual centered manner. The facility is very adaptable and easy to move through out for our individuals to be comfortable and enjoy their experience.

Qualified and Passionate Staff
Our staff is fully trained and experienced in providing specialized support for our individuals. They are caring, compassionate and work hard every day to enhance the lives of each individual.

Client-Centered Approach
The Day Support is designed to empower and support individuals to genuinely live their best life in the most least restrictive environments. We make every attempt to facilitate an environment for them that is modern, clean and safe; in addition to providing individual person-centered supports that will provide opportunities for fun and enrichment. We also strive to provide quality staff who care about the individuals and their overall success.

Population Served

• Diagnosed as functioning in the range of mild to profound intellectual disabilities
• 18 years or older
• Significant limitations in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior
• Recipient of ID Waiver/ ID Day Support Waiver

Area of Focus

• Self-Care
• Adult Daily Living Skills
• Socialization/Communication
• Health/Safety
• Community Integration
• Problem Solving
• Behavioral Adjustments
• Sensory Stimulation
• Gross/ Fine Motor Skills
• Skill Building

Program Activities

Program activities are centered around training sessions that focus on specific goals that have been agreed upon by the individual, family and support coordinator. Weekly activities include a variety of social and community integration opportunities.   The program is designed to provide unique experiences through personalized attention and instruction offered by professionally trained day support professionals.

Activities included but not limited to:

Arts & Crafts, Community Outings, Shopping, Money Management, Personal Hygiene, Recreational Activities, Volunteer Work, Social and Community Integration, Health and Safety Awareness.

Family Transitions, Inc. Adult Day Support Program is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. Family Transitions, Inc. accepts private pay, ID waiver and Day Support Waiver services.

Administrative Office

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ID Day Support Location

Family Transitions, Inc.
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